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HomeVision-Pro Home Automation Controller


Indialantic, FL - 24 June 2003: Custom Solutions, Inc. announced today it’s most power home automation controller, HomeVision-Pro. HomeVision-Pro builds on the award-winning HomeVision® controller by adding many new capabilities. HomeVision-Pro provides the following key features:

bulletTwo-way X-10 (all 256 addresses)
bulletTwo-way learning infrared (255 signals)
bulletVideo output screens displayed on a TV
bullet8 relays (Single-Pole-Double-Throw)
bullet8 digital inputs (+/-30V capability)
bullet8 digital inputs/outputs (5V capability)
bullet4 analog inputs
bullet64 digital temperature sensor inputs
bullet3 serial ports (two of which can be RS485, one of which can be USB)
bulletSpare serial port for future use
bulletReal-time clock with sunrise/sunset times
bulletAutomatic control of thermostats and security systems
bulletPowerful programming capability (>8000 schedule lines, >400 commands, >400 objects)
bulletConnectors for future expansion board
bullet"Stand-alone" capability - no PC required

Although HomeVision-Pro is designed to run stand-alone, users can leave it connected to a PC to expand its capabilities. It can even be controlled by any web browser inside or outside the home.  Compatible with HAL2000, Home Voice, HomeSeer, ACE, ECS, MisterHouse, and other PC software.

HomeVision-Pro has completed Beta testing and is now in production.  Shipments will begin July 14. More information is available on the HomeVision-Pro web site at:


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