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bulletHomeVision announcement
bulletHomAtion 2000 version for HomeVision
bulletPAL version of HomeVision
bulletHomeVision version with web server
bulletHomeVision support for UPB devices

HomeVision Media Articles

bullet"Screen Play", Electronic House, June 1996, by Lisa Montgomery
bullet"IR Interfaces", H.A. Pro, July/August 1996, by Jeff Anderson
bullet"PC Persuasions", Electronic House, December 1996, by Todd Piccus
bullet"Top 12 Systems for the New Year", Electronic House, February 1997, by Lisa Montgomery
bulletInterview with Custom Solutions' President Craig Chadwick in the April 1997 issue of HTI News
bullet"Super Software, Hidden Treasures for H.A. Pros", H.A. Pro, February 1998, by Julie Jacobson
bullet"Turbocharge Your TV", Popular Home Automation, March 1998, by Katina Paron
bulletA detailed review in the March 1998 issue of Popular Home Automation
bullet"Top 50 1998 Editors' Picks", Popular Home Automation, May 1998, by the editors
bullet"Irrigation Automation: A Smarter Way to Water the Lawn", Electronic House, August 1998, by Richard Gensley
bullet"Selecting the Right Heating/Cooling System", Electronic House, February 1999, by Melissa Mielke
bullet"Best Buy", Wired magazine, March 2000
bullet"Automate Your Home", Electronic House, February 2002, by Lisa Montgomery
bulletProduct review, Home Automation, November 2003

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