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User Interface Through TV Screen


Indialantic, FL - 11 March 1996:  Custom Solutions Inc. announced the upcoming release of HomeVision, it’s new full-featured home control system. In addition to the usual automation features, HomeVision incorporates video output which provides over 50 control, status, and help screens for display on a TV. Special screens provide visual control over security and HVAC systems. A built-in infrared receiver gives users direct control from these screens. This user-friendly interface gives even home automation novices easy access to powerful home control technology. HomeVision is in initial production and Beta testing, with full production scheduled for second quarter 1996.

HomeVision incorporates a variety of home control capabilities. Two-way X-10 communication supports all X-10 commands and implements robust collision avoidance and error detection/retry algorithms. The two-way learning remote provides complete control over audio/visual equipment (an infrared output jack can drive external transmitters). The IR receiver function allows user control from a standard hand-held remote. 24 input/output ports can connect up to 16 switch closure inputs and drive 8 external devices such as relays or solenoids. Time-based scheduling is enhanced by a battery-backed clock and accurate tracking of sunset/sunrise times. All features can be controlled over a serial interface operating up to 57600 baud.

HomeVision is a small, stand-alone controller initially programmed from a PC. It may then be used with the PC or disconnected and moved. HomeVision is designed to be located near the homeowner’s primary television, but can also work well in other locations.

The Windows-based programming software provides an easy-to-use graphical interface. Commands are entered using list boxes, push-buttons, spin-buttons, etc. Over 300 commands and If-Then conditions are available for developing extremely powerful systems. More than 2000 objects such as variables, timers, macros, and scheduled events are included. HomeVision’s large memory can handle schedules of over 8000 lines.

HomeVision is Custom Solutions’ initial entry into the home automation market. The company’s business is to provide customized products at an affordable price. In this light, Custom Solutions can modify portions of HomeVision to suit its customers needs. Other software enhancements will also be made available on a frequent basis.

Custom Solutions is currently forming relationships with international home automation distributors to bring HomeVision to the international market. It will also be available from the leading U.S. distributors. Detailed information is available at Custom Solutions' Internet site at


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