HomAtion Systems and Custom Solutions, Inc. announce

HomAtion 2000 for HomeVision

Indialantic, FL - 11 March 1997HomAtion 2000 combines its easy-to-use Windows graphic interface and the power of an active PC with HomeVision's high-performance hardware interfaces. HomAtion 2000 now supports such HomeVision capabilities as full two-way X-10, two-way infrared (including selectable IR output zones), digital inputs, digital outputs and analog inputs. Together, HomAtion 2000 and HomeVision bring the speed, reliability and ease of use of the 32 bit graphic interface for Windows 95 and NT to home and commercial automation. Features include energy management via two-way RCS TX10B digital thermostats, audio/video IR control, X-10 protocol lighting control, direct dim levels with PCS electrical controls, local weather measurements using the Davis Weather Instruments, low voltage and dry contact security system interfaces and analog measurements. Future versions will use HomeVision's video output capability to display messages, weather data, and other information on the user's television(s).

Eldon Ziegler, President of HomAtion Systems, said, "We believe that both dealers and homeowners will find that the integration of HomAtion 2000 and HomeVision provides a full range of graphic, easy-to-use automation features. These features should be helpful to electricians, audio/video contractors and others new to home automation as well as to homeowners who want to keep control of their homes."

Craig Chadwick, President of Custom Solutions, Inc., said, "Many homeowners and installers want to use a PC as their main automation controller. The combination of HomAtion 2000 and HomeVision is the most affordable approach for a complete system with X-10, IR, I/O, video, and weather data."

HomAtion Systems, a division of Atlantic Software, Inc., is a leading developer of 32 bit graphic automation software for Windows 95 and NT. HomAtion Systems' products include HomAtion Basic, HomAtion 2000 and turnkey energy management systems.

Custom Solutions, Inc. is a leading developer of affordable whole-house control systems and accessories. Their HomeVision system is the first in a line of unique controllers that provide a television interface.

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