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Indialantic, FL - 28 August 1998:  Custom Solutions, Inc. announced today a new addition to its product line, HomeVision-PC. HomeVision-PC is a low-cost version of its flagship home automation controller, HomeVision. Like HomeVision, HomeVision-PC provides:

bulletTwo-way X-10 (all 256 addresses)
bulletTwo-way learning infrared (255 signals)
bullet24 I/O ports
bulletVideo output screens displayed on the TV

The primary difference between the products is that HomeVision runs "stand-alone", while HomeVision-PC requires an operating PC. This makes HomeVision-PC the ideal solution for users who wish to use their computer as their primary home controller. The user has access to HomeVision's unmatched features, but at a lower cost.

HomeVision-PC is packaged in a metal enclosure and connects to the computer's serial port. It comes complete, including windows-based software. This software configures the controller and also provides direct control of all HomeVision-PC's functions. User's can also run additional programs for expanded functionality. HomeVision-PC currently works with Home Voice, MASS, and HomAtion 2000 software. Support for ECS and HAL2000 will be available shortly. These programs add many powerful features to HomeVision-PC, such as:

bulletSystem scheduling and "If-Then" programming
bulletGraphical user interfaces
bulletVoice recognition and response
bulletPhone control

HomeVision-PC will be available from a variety of home automation distributors. The street price for a complete HomeVision-PC package is expected to be approximately $395, and will begin shipping in September. It is also available to OEMs for private labeling. Detailed information is available at Custom Solutions' Internet site at

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