Media Sources
bulletHTI News on-line newsletter
bulletHome Automator newsletter (shut down ???)
bulletElectronic House magazine
bulletHome Automation magazine
bulletHome Networking News
Software Products
bulletHAL2000, from Home Automated Living  
bulletHomAtion 2000, from HomAtion Systems 
bulletHome Voice, from Applied Future Technologies
bulletECS, from Omnipotence
Technical Information Sources
bulletDan Hoehnen's extensive home automation index 
bulletGary Yate's home automation web page
bulletAutomation University / Set-Net
bulletHome automation newsgroup
bulletUK home automation info
bulletHans Attersjo's home page (220V-50Hz information) 
bulletInfrared distribution information courtesy of HomeTech Solutions
bulletRCS (thermostats)
bulletEnerzone (thermostats)
bulletX-10 FTP FAQ
bulletX-10 (the company)
bulletMike Sandman (phone/telecom stuff)
bulletCastle Controls (general automation information)
bulletSecurity systems information from

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