Upgrading Software/Firmware/Hardware


HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, and HomeVision-PC Upgrade Policy

We no longer anticipate making any software or firmware (PROM) upgrades.  The latest PC software is available free from our web site.  The latest PROMs are still available for $15 ($20 outside the United States).

Obtaining Firmware Upgrades

To obtain the latest firmware upgrade, please e-mail us your name and shipping address.  Also include the product name (HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, or HomeVision-PC) and the part and serial number from the bottom of the unit.  We have produced several HomeVision and HomeVision-PC circuit board versions (see details here) requiring different PROMs, and we need the part and serial numbers to ensure we send you the proper one. We will ship the firmware via First Class mail. We only accept payment via PayPal.

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01 October 2013

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