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Products have been discontinued

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bulletVideo output: Displays menus and control screens on your TV (although the system can be completely controlled without a TV) !
bulletTwo-way infrared: You can control HomeVision, and HomeVision can control all your audio/visual equipment !
bulletTwo-way X-10: Controls and monitors lights, appliances, thermostats, security systems, etc.
bullet24 digital inputs/outputs: Provides direct connections to other equipment. Add expansion cards for even more I/O.
bulletBattery-backed clock: Controls events based on time, date, sunset, etc.
bulletTwo-way serial interface: Provides full control and status reporting via a PC. Run programs to add voice recognition, voice response, and many other features !

Web server: Provides control of HomeVision from any web browser anywhere in the world!

In addition to these built-in capabilities, you can add on telephone control and other features!  HomeVision is a stand-alone automation controller that is initially configured with a PC. It can then be disconnected if desired. HomeVision constantly watches for any events you've specified, then performs whatever actions you've told it to do. Any event can trigger any other event(s). The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

HomeVision-PC has similar hardware interfaces as HomeVision at a lower cost, but requires the PC to be running with additional software.

Finally, HomeVision-Pro integrates all of HomeVision's functions and adds even more, making it our most powerful and popular controller.

Read more about what you can do with HomeVision, or see a more detailed description here.


Sample custom TV screen

TV Screen Control

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Web Page Control (Method 1)


Web Page Control (Method 2)

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Products have been discontinued

Site Contents

bulletProduct overview and comparison
bulletDetailed description
bulletSoftware (FREE!)
bulletDetailed description
bulletSoftware (FREE!)
bulletDetailed description
bulletSoftware (FREE!)
bulletMultifunction expansion board
bulletPort extender
bulletSylva I/O boards
bulletEthernet interface
bulletColor touchscreens 
bulletInternet control software (FREE!)
bulletInternational versions
HomeVision User's Assistance
bulletTech support and troubleshooting
bulletE-mail users group
bulletApplication notes
bulletCompatible hardware products 
bulletCompatible software programs
bulletNon-X10 lighting systems
bulletExample system diagrams

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bulletSoftware tutorial
bulletUsers' automation systems
bulletUpgrade information
bulletHardware version information
Information Sources
bulletHomeVision news
bulletFrequently asked questions (FAQ)
bulletMedia information and articles
bulletIndependent product reviews
bulletUsers' comments
bulletHome automation links
bulletComparison to other systems

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HomeVision products have won numerous home automation awards over the years, such as:

Rated 4 Stars in "Home Automation" November 2003 Review !

Popular Home Automation Top 50 Editors' Pick

Wired Magazine Best Buy for 2000 !


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HomeVision News

E-Mail Users Group - Yahoo!

Ingo Dean, a HomeVision user, has kindly set up a HomeVision e-mail list. You can use this list to communicate with hundreds of other HomeVision owners. This list is open to everyone, even those who don't own a HomeVision. To subscribe, visit Yahoo! Groups or enter your e-mail address below.

Subscribe to homevision-users
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Independent Product Reviews

You may be interested in reading these independent reviews of HomeVision:

bulletReview of HomeVision-Pro in the November 2003 issue of Home Automation
bullet"Best Buy" in the March 2000 issue of Wired magazine
bulletDetailed review in the August 1996 issue of Home Toys
bulletReview in the July/August 1996 issue of Home Automator newsletter
bulletComparison with other home controllers in HTI News
bulletReview of the PC software, also in HTI News
bullet"Top 12 Systems for the New Year" in the February 1997 issue of Electronic House
bullet"Top 50 1998 Editors' Pick" in the May 1998 issue of Popular Home Automation
bulletReview in the October 2001 issue of Home Toys


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HomeVision User Comments

"HomeVision still remains the best thing I have ever bought !"
   -  Simon Bullers, United Kingdom
"Thank you for a most excellent product. If this product cost double it would still be an amazing value. Every day I find something different I can use it for."
   -  Peter Smith, United Kingdom
"Congratulations on an excellent product. My unit has been in 24x7 use for several years and has never missed a beat. ... My thanks for exceeding my expectations."
   -  Gene Kaplan, Mission Viejo, California
"I love your product - thanks so much for making an automation product that not only works, but works better than expectations !"
   -  Jeff McNaught, San Jose, California
"I would like to emphasize how truly reliable the unit has been over the last three years. Terrific work ! "
   -  Amal Chaudhuri, New York, New York
"I have been with you for just over a year now, and am writing to tell you just how perfectly ALL of the features of HomeVision have performed !"
   -  Dave Anderson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
"By the way, keep up the amazing work. I'm a programmer and an IT consultant, and it's difficult to think of any product or company that has impressed me as much as you and yours."
   -  Kevin McMahon, Rochester, New York
"I have been working with home automation systems for years and this is by far the best I have ever seen. The controller is designed well and looks good, the software is very impressive, the documentation is thorough, and the capabilities are endless."
   -  Mark Ciotti, Belleville, Michigan

"I initially thought I would use it (HomeVision) as a video front-end for a JDS TimeCommander-Plus. Boy, was I ever underestimating the power of the HomeVision."
   -  Charles Waggoner, Edmond, Oklahoma

"I think your software and manual and best of all your "how to" lets a novice or non-programmer accomplish really sophisticated automation."
   -  David Rabin, Highland Park, Illinois

"I want to tell you what an outstanding job you are doing. As a customer, I feel that you are always looking out for my best interest. Your product is top notch. The quality is amazing. Thanks."
   -  Tom Christian, Brookfield, Wisconsin

"Custom Solutions Inc. describes your company perfectly and is the ONLY choice for Home Automation."
   -  Dale Shaw, Hockessin, Delaware

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