Tech Support


If you have a problem with HomeVision or other products, or a technical question
about them, see our "Problems and Questions" page first. It addresses over 95% of
the problems and question users typically have. If this doesn’t help, there are a
variety of ways to get technical support for HomeVision and related products.
Choose whichever method works best for you.

Web Site Files

This web site provides many application notes and other tips on using our products. They can be
accessed from our main HomeVision page here. Shortcuts to commonly-used pages are provided below:

bulletApplication notes
bulletCompatible hardware products 
bulletCompatible software programs
bulletDebugging tips

HomeVision Users E-Mail Group

This is an e-mail group with hundreds of HomeVision users ready and willing to provide assistance.
If there's something you want to do with HomeVision, check here first; someone else is probably
already doing it!  To subscribe, visit Yahoo! Groups.

Product Documentation

The owner's manuals provide a great deal of technical information. The HomeVision and
HomeVision-PC troubleshooting chapters provide a step-by-step process for diagnosing
common problems. Also, when you install the software, numerous informational files are
placed in the HomeVision directory. They provide many "How To" examples, debugging tips,
serial protocol details, and more. You can also download the HomeVision documentation
HomeVision-Pro documentation and HomeVision-PC documentation.

HomeVision FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


You can contact us by e-mail at Please provide the following information,
as applicable, so we can better answer your questions:

bulletFor HomeVision, HomeVision-Pro, or HomeVision-PC questions:
bulletPart number and serial number, from bottom of enclosure
bulletPROM version, as read from software status screen or from the white label on
PROM (preferred method)
bulletPC software version, from "About" screen under "Help" menu
bulletPC operating system

Equipment Repairs

Help! My HomeVision is damaged and needs repair! See this web page for repair information.

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